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Light Strand Devo Printable Sheet for Your Journal


You may have heard of a Light Strand Journal, which a form of journaling that keeps the elements of your faith portable and organized.

If you don't what what a Light Strand Journal is visit to learn about what it is and why you should start one.

In this post you will learn how to use the Light Strand Devotional, which is available on Chick's Ministry's Instagram page or the Chicks Ministry website The four newest posts are also on the Chicks Ministry homepage.


Where does the Light Strand Devo Sheet Go in Your Journal?

  • In the Scripture & Study Section ​

  • You can use one sheet per week and fill it to the brim with information.

  • Or You can print out a different sheet for each day. Just do what works for you

How Do I Use Each Section of the Sheet with the Devo?

  1. Mindset Links- Scripture listed in the devo can be noted here.

  1. ​Bring It Into Play- Each Devo shares practical ways to implement Christian faith into your daily life.

  • Write down something that you found interesting, want to try, or you want to look into further.​

  1. Action Steps & Prayers- What are you going to do with what you learned? & How will you ask God for help?

  2. This is section takes the most time and reflection.

  3. It is the practical application through what you learned.

  4. Prayer is Key. Remember that God is the one who transforms the way we think and act.​ You don't have to write your prayers. The section may just remind you to stop and pray.


A Little Encouragement... It may take a while to do this the first time. But keep in mind that as you continue to use the sheets regularly, it will get easier.

Hopefully it will get to be the best part of your day!


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