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Light Strand Journal: How to Set It Up

How To Set It Up

The Light Strand Journal will look different for each person. In this post, I will suggest how to set up sections and what to put in there. As you work with your journal, do what works for you.

Your journal may include everything from a day planner, to-do lists, personal reflection, prayer cards or journal entries, study materials, and much more. If you don't like things I suggest, you don't have to put them in there. Find something that works well? Write and let me know.


Practical Organization Ideas

1. Pencil Case

This is a great place to keep:

Pens, Pencils, High Lighters, Mini Journal, Note Cards, Sticky Notes, Small Tabs, Paper Clips.

Basically a few small things that you will use regularly and would want, if you are trying to use your journal on the go.

Note: Be careful not to overload. Fills you the space in your journal


2. Calendar Pages

You can purchase a small calendar or print one from the computer. Your calendar is a great place to write out study & prayer goals.

Or you can Log the time spent on faith related activities you attended through the week, such as Worship, Bible Study, Service Activities, etc...

It helps you get a visual on the time your time spent with God or other believers.


3. Personal Reflection (Section 1)

This will be your first divider section. I like to put my pages behind the first divider because it gives the journal a cleaner look. Just a personal preference.

This Section could include:

Mood Trackers

Movie Logs

God Moments & Good Moments

Things to Do More Often

Not sure what some of the suggested materials are? There are blog posts for each that detail what they are used for. You can also look for posts that offer printable copies of the sheet that you can use in your journal.


4. Prayer (Section 2)

The second section will hold anything related to your prayer life.

This is a great place to put Color & Pray sheets.

You may choose to add pretty paper or notebook paper with the intention to write out your prayers.


5. Scripture & Study Materials (Section 3)

This section holds the connection to God's word.

The Light Strand Devo is a great place to begin. The Chicks Ministry website offers four new posts each week. The posts are also on Instagram.

Grab a journal sheet for the week:

  • To jot down scripture

  • Thoughts about the posts

  • Prayers & How you will apply it


6. Optional Sections

You can add as many sections to your Light Strand Journal as you want.

Celebrating Your Gifts

You May Want to Include:

  • Drawings or Sketches

  • Song Lyrics You Wrote

  • Photos You Snapped


Sharing Your Dreams

You May Want to Include:

  • What You Want to Do In the Future

  • Where You Want to Live

  • Picture of Houses You Like

  • Thoughts on the Family You Hope You Have


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