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Appearances: Are You Hiding Darkness


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Appearances. Everything is okay as long as you keep things hidden.

That Instagram account no one knows about. The habit that you know you need to stop. But you can’t.

As long as other people see what you want, then you’re fine. But are you really?

Don’t things keep getting deeper? Harder to hide? You have to keep your stories straight, so your secrets aren’t revealed.

The truth is. Hiding dark things gives them power over your life.

It changes your relationships. Changes you. Pulls you away from everything that matters. All at once you feel trapped and alone.

Stand up. Be brave enough to ask for help. There is a way out.



Heavenly Father, I need your help to get rid of this secret. I admit there were times it made me feel powerful. That I felt exhilarated doing it. Help me to break free of this. To see that it is hurting me. Hurting my relationships. Break the power of this in my life. I need you more than I need anything else. I love you. Thanks for loving me even when I am a mess. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


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