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Aligning With the Light


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Light or Darkness. Your actions align with one or the other.

All of us have light and darkness within. Do you show more light or dark throughout the day?

You must chose to align with the light in order to walk in it.

Lying. Harsh words. Foul Language. Do they really hurt you?

The answer is YES.

Walking in darkness doesn’t mean you’re evil. It means you open yourself up to what the dark path has for you.

Hurt. Depression. Bitterness. Hopelessness. Despair.

Action Step

To stay out of darkness you must choose to think and act like the light. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you to fight to stay in the light. Resist the darkness with Light.



Hey God. Honestly. Darkness kinda scares me. Help me to recognize where it has a hold of my life. I want to walk as a child of light. I know I can do that with your help. Change the desires of my heart. So that I do better day by day. I will never be perfect, like Jesus. But I want to do my best to walk in the light. I choose the light today and every day. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


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