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Choose Light, Know the Dark Will Scheme to Put It Out


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Bring It Into Play

Light compared to Dark.

Jesus came to make a way, so you have the choice between light and dark. With the hope that everyone would choose the freedom of the light. Jesus’ selfless act means that every person is born with the choice.

Satan’s goal is to create captives enslaved to the dark.

Satan’s other goal is to go after those walking in the light. With the scheme to extinguish their light.

He will do whatever it takes. Use whoever he can. Or manipulate truth to get what he darkness.

Choose light. Then protect it by staying away from darkness. Follow Jesus’ example for how to stop Satan’s schemes.

Action Step

Pray. Ask God to help you recognize how the enemy is trying to steal your light.

He is subtle. You may not see it. The thing you are hiding. The lie. The excuses not to go to church. Let the Holy Spirit can bring it to mind.



God, I confess that I make choices that draw me away from you. Step by step. Choice by choice I move away from the light. Into darkness. Help me to see the areas that are tripping me up. Give me eyes to see where I am people pleasing, rather than serving and worshiping you. School can be a really dark place. I need the strength to walk in the light. I know you can give it to me. Thanks for loving me and helping me. In Your Son's Name, Amen.


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