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Fall Mood Tracker For Light Strand Journal

The Light Strand Journal

a fun and creative way to spend time hanging out in the light. If you haven't started a journal and want to, you can check out my post Light Strand Journal: Supply List for Beginners.

In this post I will share a mood tracker. To get your copy you can message me at the bottom of the website. Or on Instagram.

Mood Trackers allow you to reflect on how life is going. Then talk to Jesus about areas where you struggle or things that are going well.


Fall Mood Tracker

Supplies Needed:

  • Colored Pencils

  • And/ Or Markers

How to Use:

Choose a different color for each mood you tend to experience. Yellow might be happy. Read could be angry. For those of you who don't want it to be obvious to others, you might change it up and pick unexpected colors for your moods. Totally up to you.

You can find mood trackers all over Pinterest. Prayer is the unique twist that I like to add. Look for patterns in your moods. Then pray and ask Jesus to help you deal with sad, depressed, or angry emotions.

Prayer Suggestions for sad, depressed, or angry moods.

  • Jesus, please come into my emotions. Shine your light, where I am experiencing darkness.

  • Help me to understand why I am feeling this way.

  • Are there things that I am doing that are making it worse?

  • Talk to Jesus about why you believe you are sad or depressed. Be honest about what is going on in your life.

  • Ask Him to help you to journey out of these emotions day by day.

Prayer Suggestions for happy, silly, or excited emotions.

  • Jesus, thank you for making your light shine so bright in my life right now. Help me to enjoy the moments where I am happy.

  • Praise Him for each moment that comes to mind that brought emotions you liked.

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to Store this memory, so you can go back to it on tough days. It will remind you that things will be good again.

Side Note: Try to focus on the good moments or days. Talk about those most frequently. Share them in conversation, rather than talking about your problems. It helps keep an upbeat and positive attitude.


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