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Faith: Staying Connected to the Light


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Faith. The switch that turns on the light of Christ in your life.

Plenty of people know about Jesus. They can recite scripture. Name the books of the Bible. They even sit in church.

Faith is more. It is Believing there is a creator. Knowing He wants a relationship with you. Trusting Him to help you through each day. And the Hope that things will get better.

Putting your faith in Christ, changes the way you see the world.

The key. Stay connected to the light at all times. Wandering in the dark leads to injury and scars.

Action Step:

What can you add to your daily routine to stay connected to the light?


Listening to Christian Music

Reading the Bible

Studying a Devotional




Heavenly Father, you see the world clearly and with love. Help me to see things as you see them. I know I need to make decisions that help me stay connected to the light. When I forget, will you please bring something to mind that will help me. I know your light makes life better. Thank you for that. I love you. In Jesus Name, Amen.


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