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Kindness to Yourself: Your Words Matter


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Think about the words you say to yourself and about yourself. Do you love yourself with your words?

If you do...WAY TO GO! (Help other young women learn.)

Or do you call yourself hurtful things like ugly, a failure, a loser, or worthless?

Have you ever thought about what God would say about you?








Speak Kind words about yourself. It matters!

Action Step: Find a creative way to use the words that God would use to describe you.

- Make a Battle Card with all the words. (See Posts You Might Like for Directions)

- Create each word using a different font. Then stick them up around your room.

- Take a fun photo and then add the words onto the photo and save it as your lock screen.



God, I need you to help me speak kind words to myself. I know that you say such amazing things about me. Help me learn to say them about myself. Protect my heart so that I recognize how amazing I am, while staying humble. I know that arrogance and pride are very destructive. Thank you for seeing things in me that I can't see. Help me to remember to talk to Jesus, when I get down on myself. I love you. In Jesus Name, Amen.


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