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Conflict: How to Add Water Instead of Gasoline to the Fire. (Part 1)

"The internally spoken words you use at such crucial moments will be like water or like gasoline. You know what happens to a flame if its doused with water and what happens if you throw some gasoline on it.

So what do you say to yourself? What do you throw on those smoldering emotions? Do you settle yourself down with soothing words of truth or do you stoke the fire with accusations, bitterness, and self-pity."

Taken from: Me, MySelf & Lies, Jennifer Rothschild, pg. 96


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Bring It Into Play

Think of a time when someone made you angry. Did your reaction calm things down or did it make it worse?

Did you add Gasoline to the fire? Or Did you add Water?

Action Step: In a journal make a list of your reactions that add gasoline to your anger. (See Chart Above for Ideas) Across from your gasoline reactions write a water reaction that could calm you down rather than causing you to explode.

* Not sure- Ask God to bring things to mind.

* Feeling Resistant to Change- Ask the Holy Spirit to help you see what is holding you back.

* Want to Deepen the Experience? Listen to worship music to intensify your connection to God.

HOLLYN- Can't Live Without

Here is an example of a Christian song that might help you get calmed down. If this one doesn't work...Try out different songs until you find one that does!

Purchase Hollyn on iTunes or Google Play Music

Listen to other Hollyn songs on YouTube or Spotify



Lord, you are slow to anger. I know I need to try to be more like you! Help me to recognize the ways that I make things worse when I get angry. Help me to honor you with my words and actions. If there are things that I need to change, please show me and then help me change. Thank you for being a God that helps me walk in the Spirit, not in the flesh. I love you Lord! In Jesus Name Amen


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