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Things Teens Should Know: Week 5 Journal Ideas

Christian Book for Teen Girls

It's never too early to start making good decisions. This journal will teach you the how to know Jesus, how to love people well, and why God's design for family makes life better.

A few minutes a day will open up new opportunities to grow in faith and get you moving towards the future you want.


Learn to Love People Well

Establish Your Connection: Loving people well requires a lot of healing of the heart. Take a few moments to invite Holy Spirit to fill you with his love and purity. Ask him to help you shift your mind beyond yourself to love others as Christ loved.

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Day 6: Journal Pg. 34

  • Commentary: Gill's Exposition explains that Jesus is the king speaking. Those who want to be brothers and sisters in Christ must do the will of Christ. "...that every instance of kindness and respect shown to them, as done to himself in person; and will take notice of it, accept and reward it, as if it had been so done."

  • Thought: In the Gospel the law of grace is connected to faith in action motivated by love. People take priority over the rules. Even if they are deep in sin, we should show them the love of Christ.

  • Question: In your community, who would you identify as the "least of these"? Ask Holy Spirit to reveal how you could put love into action.

  • Reflection: Can you think of a person or group of people who make you uncomfortable? Or even annoyed?

    • Ask God what he has to say about them?

    • How is the way you feel about them harmful to them?

    • What could you do to make a positive change in the way you feel about the person or group?

  • “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ (Matthew 25:40 NIV)

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Eyeesha Robinson
Eyeesha Robinson
Jul 11, 2023

Sometimes People's Mean To You They So Bully On You They Said Stuff AboutYou On Internet And Social Media Not Cool They Not Friends See Lot Kids Pick On

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