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Creativity Makes Studying More Fun

If Studying the Bible Seems Boring, Add A Little Spice!

Getting into the habit of studying the Bible and spending time with God can be difficult.

Tips to Help You Get Started

  • Find your personal style for study.

  • Do you like to journal, read, or have an activity going on while you listen to the Bible?

  • It's best to have a special place where you consistently spend time with God because the environment will trigger you to focus out of routine.

  • Change it up when you start to get bored. Go outside or add some new lights or comfort items like pillows.

Here's a picture of a few the things I love to use!

  1. Colorful pens

  2. Twistable Crayons

  3. Washi Tape

  4. Stickers

  5. Duct Tape to Personalize Bible Covers

  6. Pocket Notebooks to Tuck Inside My Bible for thoughts and notes.

  7. Post it tabs & notes


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