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Struggling to Make a Decision? Remember Jesus Can Help You

Need help making a big or small decision?

Choosing Jesus means you walk out life's journey together, so you can ask him for advice. His solutions are better than anything we can think of.

Should I date this guy? Should I buy that thing I've been wanting? Where do I go for college? What do I want to do for a job? What should I do about the way my friend treats me? How do I deal with my parents? The list is endless.

How do I know what He's saying?

  1. The first step is to ask Jesus for help.

  2. Listen to what Holy Spirit whispers to your heart.

  3. Check to see if scripture lines up with what you feel led to do. If it goes against what scripture teaches, Jesus wouldn't lead you that way. Love and Truth will be at the center of what Jesus is leading.

  4. Do you have two good options that fit? You can decide because you are in partnership with Jesus. He will provide options so you can choose what inspires and excites you.

The High Way Journal: Blank Journal Pages (In The Back)

Write about a decision you need to make. It can me big or small

  • Talk to Jesus about the decision.

  • Write or draw about the the emotions that surface when you think about the decision.

  • Explain to Jesus what is at stake.

  • Write a couple of scriptures to anchor your heart and mind.

  • In the days ahead look and listen for God's leading. Come back to your journal entry to write about how you're feeling led and what doors God opened to confirm this.

  • If you don't have an answer, trust that God will bring one at the right time.

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