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My Way or The High Way: Week 5 Journal Ideas

Jesus is Real. So many believers go through life never recognizing all the ways he's working for our good. Let me teach you how to see the world from a higher perspective, so you can see God everywhere.

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How to Recognize God's Voice

Establish Your Connection: Try turning on some worship music or soothing music to relax your heart and mind. Take a deep breath and ask Holy Spirit to fill you up with his presence. Smile knowing he hears you and is faithful to answer your request. Even if you don't feel anything, trust God has answered your prayer.

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Day 1: Journal Pgs. 30-32

  • Commentary: "We cannot be too careful to observe that our Lord’s thoughts of “eternal life” is never of the future only. It is a development, rather than a simply future existence. We shall live eternally, because we now live spiritually in communion with the Spirit who is Eternal." Ellicott's Commentary,

  • Question: List all the things Jesus says about his sheep in this passage. Why should you expect to hear His voice?

  • Thought: We not only need to hear his voice, but following means we need to obey what he says.

  • Question: Describe the emotions it stirs up in you when you heart the word obey.

Day 2: Journal Pgs. 33

Day 3: Journal Pgs. 34

Day 4: Journal Pgs. 35

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