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My Way or The High Way: Week 4 Journal Ideas

Jesus is Real. So many believers go through life never recognizing all the ways he's working for our good. Let me teach you how to see the world from a higher perspective, so you can see God everywhere.

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Understanding God's Will

Establish Your Connection: Praise God for all that you have learned in the last 4 weeks! You are already starting to know him better. Ask the Lord to press on your heart something that is getting in the way of your relationship with him. Then trust him to help you let go of it.

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Week 4 Intro: Journal Pg. 24

Day 1: Journal Pg. 25

  • Context: In this passage the Apostle Paul use the word walk to refer to the way we live. To sum it up: LIVE WISELY.

  • Thought: In order to grow and mature in faith we must realize that we won't be here forever. Billy Graham, an American Evangelist, said "The older you get, the more you think about using your time wisely in light of eternity. You try to evaluate what really matters."

  • Question: Give examples of what it would look like to live wisely at this time in your life. How could that help you grow and mature in faith?

  • Testimony: Live wisely. It seems obvious, but how many times a day do we make unwise decisions? I know if I eat too much junk food, I will gain weight. Yet I do it anyway. Then I am frustrated when my clothes don't fit correctly. Making unwise decisions always has consequence. You may get away with it for a while, but it will catch up to you. Ask Holy Spirit to reveal where your unwise decisions are stealing your peace.

Day 2: Journal Pg. 26

Day 3: Journal Pg. 27

Day 4: Journal Pg. 28

Day 5: Journal Pg. 29

  • Context: We are called to pray from all people because God desires for everyone to have salvation. If there were people he didn't want saved, it wouldn't be agreeable for us to pray for them.

  • Question: Can you think of anyone it would be difficult to pray for their salvation?

  • Thought: You are doing God's will when you pray for people.

  • Suggestion: In your journal make a list of people you would like to pray for everyday for seven days.

  • Question: Ask Holy Spirit to bring to mind someone with whom you could share your faith.

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