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My Way or The High Way: Week 1 Journal Ideas

Jesus is Real. Learn to think, act, & live from God's higher perspective. Many believers go through life never recognizing all the ways he's working for our good. Let me teach you how to experience God's presence and see him everywhere.

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Why Do Things The High Way?

Establish Your Connection: Before you begin take a moment to acknowledge Holy Spirit and to ask for his help. As you study, ask him to give you pictures, words, or impressions to help you draw into closer relationship with God.

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Day 1: Journal Pgs. 6-7

  • Context: In Isaiah 55:6 it says, "Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near."

  • Question: How can you seek God? Have you ever felt him near?

  • Thought: If God thinks differently than us how can we learn to understand the way he thinks?

  • Question: Have you ever had a friend who thought completely different than you? What did you do to try to understand them?

  • Link for Isaiah 55

Day 2: Journal Pg.8

  • Thought: Exodus 33: 12-21 Shares an incredible conversation between God and a leader named Moses. Moses asks God to show him his ways.

  • Question: Do you want to know God's ways?

  • Explain what excites you about God and what holds you back from him.

Day 3: Journal Pg. 9

  • Thought: "Change the Way You Think" came to mind when I asked the Lord what he had to say about this verse.

  • Question: In what area of your life do you need to change the way you think?

  • Thought: Anything that doesn't line up with God doesn't bring life.

  • Question: Why is it so hard to change the way you think?

  • How do you think God could help you change your thoughts in area where you are struggling?

Day 4: Journal Pg. 10

  • Context: In Psalm 25:1-2 David, a man after God's heart, shares that he trusts God. David is the one who killed the giant Goliath and went on to become King of Israel.

  • Thought: To become strong in faith we must trust God and desire to learn from him, with a heart to do what he teaches us.

  • Question: What would have to happen to allow you to trust God?

Day 5: Journal Pg. 11

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