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My Way or The High Way: Steps to Complete Pages

Jesus is Real. Learn to think, act, & live from God's higher perspective. Many believers go through life never recognizing all the ways he's working for our good. Let me teach you how to experience God's presence and see him everywhere.

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How to Complete the pages of My Way or The High Way Journal

  1. Invite the Holy Spirit to help you study.

  2. Write Out the Daily Verse that is listed at the top of the page.

  3. Click the 2022 Study Plan Button. Then click the post that matches the week you are on. For each day use the Thoughts, Commentary, & Questions to help you study.

  4. Watch each Week's Instagram Live to hear thoughts and teaching from Kelly Kirstein. This will help you go deeper.

  5. Be Free. Your journal is a place to connect with God. Be free to write whatever you want.

    • What do you think the verse means?

    • Testimony of how you have seen this verse work in life.

    • Your questions, thoughts, and prayers.

    • Share your heart with God, even if it doesn't relate to the verse.

Suggestions for the Bottom of the Page:

  • Write the a word or two to summarize the main point of the daily verse.

    • Ex Pg. 9: Renew or Transform

    • Ex Pg. 10: Jesus Is The Way

  • Color or Draw in the Space.

    • Coloring and Drawing keeps your thoughts private between you and God because you can use color or symbols to process. No one else but you and God will know what it means.

    • If you are losing concentration, it can also help you regain focus.

    • It can help you still your mind to hear what God has to say about something.

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