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Good Girls Have Secrets Devo: Start Here

Watch the video and read the steps to be part of the group.

To Get Started:

1. Click the Chicks TV Tab- Sign Up for Chicks TV

Bonus: It's totally free!!


2. Download the Wattpad App or sign up on you Desktop

3. Once You've Created an Account Follow Me: Kelly Kirstein@KellyEdwardsKirstein

*Make sure the Profile picture is me.

*Look for my book Good Girls Have Secrets

* Following Me Let's me Know You Found it!

4. Click Good Girls Have Secrets- Then click the plus sign to add it to your reading list.

Suggested Step:

5. Follow Chicks Ministry on Instagram.

* Following on Instagram gives you access to faith inspiration, IGTV videos, and a community of almost 7,500 followers on October 21, 2020.

6. We are also just getting started on TikTok! We'd love for you to one of our first followers!


Questions Or Need Help?

Message Kelly a


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