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Free Printable: God's Design for You

God Created You to Fulfill a Purpose:

Choosing to follow Jesus changes everything. It shifts our understanding to fact that life is valuable...period. You don't have to prove your worth.

INSTEAD. You begin the adventure of trying to understand why God created you with the personality traits, gifts, and strengths that you have. Through building relationship with Jesus, you discover the call on your life.

IN THE END. You transform into the best version of yourself.

It's time to take ownership of how you think, act, and what you believe. Hurting your own feelings and constantly saying negative things about yourself doesn't honor God or yourself.

Use the free printable to reflect on what you are giving life to when you describe yourself. Are your thoughts and words agreeing with what Satan wants you to believe? Remember he's a liar.

OR are you describing yourself as God would describe you? Remember that God will not tear you down.

REMEMBER that where you are weak God is able to flow through you in powerful ways.

Ask Holy Spirit to give you positive words to describe who God created you to be.

Listen for him to

  • Name your gifts or talents

  • The things you do well serving other people

  • Ways you add good to this life

The High Way Back Pages PDF
Download PDF • 62KB

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