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Relationships: Is He Pursuing You Or Sex?


Want to avoid being used?

  • Spend time with guys who want to get to know you.

  • Rather than guys who want to use you like an object.

  • When a guy shows interest, make it clear you have no intention of having sex with him.

  • If he sticks around to talk, then he might be worth your time. If he leaves, you avoided a user.

How do make it clear you don’t want to be his next hook up???

  • Flirt...but beware of drawing his attention through suggestive actions, pics, or clothing.

  • These lead him to think about the act of sex, instead of you.

  • If he asks to go off somewhere alone, suggest finding a spot among other people.

  • Being alone can lead to decisions you regret later.

  • If he tries to touch or kiss you, be blunt. Tell him you don’t operate that way. If he just wants are not the girl for him.


God. I really want a guy that loves me and wants to get to know me. Help me to recognize when he is pursuing me to have sex. I want your plans Lord. Lead me away from guys who are not part of your plan. Reveal their true hear through their words and actions. I know your plans will lead to an amazing marriage someday. I love you, Lord. In Your Son's Name, Amen.

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