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Light Strand Journal: Supply List for Beginners

Supply List For Beginners

Designed to boost your faith and creativity and get you excited about spending time with God. You can use this journal as your personal log for daily scripture reading, prayer, activities, moods, intimate thoughts, and so much creativity.

Common Questions:

  • What goes in the journal?

  • What other supplies do I need?

In this post I will share the basic supplies to get your journal started.

Here are a few suggested supplies to get you started.


1. Grab a binder & Personalize it.

I purchased this colorful binder at Hobby Lobby for about $6.00. The pattern was already on there.

You can easily purchase a clear view binder at Dollar Tree or Target for $1-$4. Then add your own fun design on the outside.

2. Dividers for Each Section

This depends on the number of sections you decide fit with what you want your journal to be. A list of recommended sections will be in the next post.

I found the matching dividers at Hobby Lobby. You can easily purchase plain dividers and decorate them yourself.

3. Stickers- Faith Related or Anything that fits you!

These can be tucked inside the front pocket of your binder to add a special touch to journal entries, prayer cards, or where ever you see fit.

Stickers with Faith Related Messages

4. Sticky Notes & Tabs

  • Sticky notes are great to make notes to yourself while you are working in your journal.

  • Tab can be used to mark places you need to come back to.

  • Write scripture on them and stick them on pages that otherwise wouldn't have room.

5. Monthly Calendar

I purchased this one at Dollar Tree, which means it only cost $1. You could also print out your own calendar and put it in a plastic sleeve.

  • The calendar can be used to make notes for prayer concerns each day.

  • You can use it to lay out a plan for scripture reading.

  • And/Or make notes about God moments or leading that you had on each day.

6. Small Pouch that hooks into the binder

I purchased this pencil pouch at Dollar Tree for $1. It can be used to hold scripture & prayer cards. Or a few writing utensils. This one is not the best quality.

If you have the money, you may want to spend a little more.

7. Additional Items You May Want

  • Plastic Sheet Protectors

  • Note cards

  • Colorful Pens

  • Colored Pencils

  • Ruler

  • Washi Tape


In upcoming posts, I will suggest how to:

  • Label the different sections

  • Share basic pages that will get you started.

  • Explain where to find daily inspiration.

  • Provide printable materials that you can use to boost creativity.


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