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Purity: Keep Life Simple


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Promiscuity. So normal. Purity. So old school, right?

Here’s the truth. Promiscuity makes life complicated. At first it may seem exciting and empowering. Until the Heart Damage. Secrets. Rumors. Wondering...Does he like me or just want something from me?

Your guy likes you until he gets bored or sees another girl he wants to try out.

A few moments of pleasure turn to unspoken regret and a damaged heart. Sex or sexual things become part of the deal because you believe that’s how a night with you goes. Before you know it, your list is longer than you care to even think about.

The answer-Protect your purity. Wait for your forever man.

Action Step

Even if you crossed the line, don’t keep going. Turn around and ask Jesus to help you. You can be redeemed and restored.



Father God. Sex is an embarrassing thing to talk to you about. But I need your help. I feel pressure to do sexual things. Guys expect it. I am afraid no one will want to date me, if I won't mess around. I need to see this through your eyes. Build the desire to do the right thing in me. Help me to want to protect my purity. Thanks for being awesome. I love you. Amen.


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