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Prayer: Communicating with God


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Prayer. Simple communication between you and God.

The words don’t have to to be fancy. There isn’t a certain way to pray that makes it more effective.

Honest communication. That is all God hopes to hear from you.

Praying isn’t meant to be handled like a wishing well. Where you throw out a request and hope you get it.

Instead, it creates a connection with God where you share your heart and then learn about His. If you ask something of God, expect an answer. God’s ways are different than ours, so the answer may look different than you expected.

All at once you will discover that the creator of the Universe is right there and wants to interact with you.

Action Step:

So what’s on your heart? Share it with God.



Father, I want to talk to you and know you, but sometimes I feel like I don't know how. It feels strange to talk to someone who I can't see or who doesn't talk back. Help me to feel your presence and to hear your voice in my head. I want you to show me that you are there. I want a relationship with you. Thank you for always being there, even when I struggle with believing that you are real. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


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