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Thinking for Yourself rather than Catering to Other People

Jeremiah: Daring to Hope in an Unstable World

Bible Study By: Melissa Spoelstra

"What will they think of me?" As women we can spend too much time worrying about what the spectators of our lives think about us. Consider these scenarios:

*Am I overdressed or underdressed? Do I fit in?

* Does my friend think my advice is good? Are my words what she wants to hear?...

These examples of self-talk reveal a woman who cares more about what others think than following the Holy Spirit's lead. We can all find ourselves here when we follow the path of fearing people more than God."

Passage from Week 6, Day 1


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Bring It Into Play

Why do you think we worry about what other people think? How does it feel when someone talks behind your back?

Explain ways you have valued people's opinions more than God's will. Have you ever done something you didn't want to do because you were afraid of what people thought?

How can you stand up for you beliefs by demonstrating power, love, and self-control?

Action Step: Recently, what have you done to get a person's approval? What could you do different next time? Ask God to help you please Him instead of people?

Today's Words:


Servant of Christ




Father God, we are so thankful that you always have the strength to stand in the truth and what is right. We confess that sometimes we worry more about what others think than what you think. Please help us to stand strong in our beliefs, so that we can be a testimony to your power. We are amazed by how much you love and adore us. Thank you for helping us to walk in your truth. In Jesus Name, Amen.


When we look around at today’s world, hope usually isn’t the first word that comes to mind. In many ways we live in an unstable world where marriages fail, bank accounts run low, friendships end, and the everyday demands of a fast-paced life get us down. In the Book of Jeremiah, we find God calling out to His people with a message of hope—a message that intentional living is possible even in an unstable world. But how do we do this? Where do we start? Jeremiah offers women hope for living in an uncertain world by learning to navigate the challenges and circumstances of their lives. This six-week study examines God’s words of instruction to His wayward people through the prophet Jeremiah, and provides women six guidelines for intentional living to overcome fear, worry, and doubt as they surrender their wills to God’s and put their hope in Him alone. Combining rich study of the Book of Jeremiah with practical life application that resonates with the realities and experiences of today’s women, this study inspires all women to dare to hope, remembering that God is rich in mercy and love and has good plans for us.

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