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Specialist Bailey De Vries: Warrior for Christ

Bailey De Vries has been a member of Chicks since fall 2012, when her BFF Haley Krieger invited her to a meeting. That day Bailey came full of difficult questions about faith and God. Bailey did not grow up in a Christian home, but somehow had unbelievable insight to share. I knew God had big plans for this girl.

Through high school Bailey grasped onto Jesus with both hands. She participated in everything from Chicks meetings, church camp, a purity conference, Chrysalis, Bible study, and so much more. By her senior year she began expressing an interest in Bible College. She surrendered it to God and watched Him provide confirmation.

In May of 2016, Bailey, her two BFFs (Brittany & Haley), Kara & I made the three hour road trip to visit Emmaus Bible College. After the tour and information session, Bailey knew she had found where she belonged. She could not attend until Spring 2017 because her Advanced Individual Training (AIT) for the National Guard ran into the fall semester. 

Continuing to walk in faith, Bailey thrived in AIT and eventually headed home to work until she could go to college. On a cold day in January 2017, Kara and I helped Bailey move into her little dorm room at Emmaus Bible College. 

Soon Bailey began sharing what she learned on her YouTube Channel Gurl Power.  

I marveled at how God had transformed her into a committed follower of Jesus Christ. 

Spring 2017, Bailey got the news that she would be deployed overseas in the fall. Once again her time at Bible College was put on hold to serve her country. On September 30th, 2017, her church family gathered at her send off where we hugged her, prayed for her, and reminded her how much we loved her. My heart swelled with pride at the strong warrior for Christ Bailey had become.

As she waited for the bus to pull away, Bailey held  the cross I had given her in the window. (photo in the slideshow) It made me cry because it reminded me that she was carrying the light of Christ with her into battle.  I prayed for the Holy Spirit to wrap around her and to bring my girl home safe. 

I have one request. Please pray for Bailey as she serves our country for the next year. Ask God to use her light to break open the dark places she will go. Most of all beg Him to protect her heart, so that she is not damaged by any of the experiences she may have. 

Love You & Miss You Bailey De Vries

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