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12 Verses To Affirm Your Beauty & To Change the Way You See Yourself

Can I share something with you?

I like to feel beautiful. Some days I really struggle with the way I see myself. Especially when I see women that I believe are the picture of beauty. I can question, "God, why didn't you make me like her?"

Do you ever compare yourself? Or hurt your own feelings? I do.

Let me share with with you how I become aware of the way God sees me. It always makes me feel better. I am way too hard on myself. I can't afford to partner with my critical thoughts.

I work hard to collect thoughts God has about me. I review them. It stops me from thinking things he doesn't think about me.

When I believe a lie, I empower the liar (Satan) in my life. Satan only comes to kill, steal and destroy. He can't be trusted. Don't give him access by agreeing with him. Instead slam the door in his face by agreeing with Jesus, who comes to give you abundant life.

In God's Kingdom beauty begins in the heart. Worldly Beauty whispers your never good enough. It leads you towards things that are temporary and fake. Pursuing worldly beauty eventually leads to looking inhuman.

Let me show how to embrace the way God sees you. Partner with the Holy Spirit and uses these verses to give you a new view of who you are.

1. Renewing Your Thinking Is Possible.

2. Truth: Your Thoughts Can Tear Apart Your Identity and Worth. Confess to God the harsh things you have believe about yourself.

3. Prayer: God Help Me See Beauty the Way You Do.

4. Truth: God Created You With Love and to Be Filled with Christ.

5. Exchange with God: Give God Your Negative Feelings. Ask Him to Heal Your Heart and Speak Truth Over You.

Knowing who you are in Christ is a journey that is a joy to pursue. Take this quest to learn all that God has created you for.

The light of the Lord flowing through your life changes everything and makes it beautiful. Hope filled followers of Christ radiate true beauty.

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