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How to Doodle & Pray

Something Weighing On Your Mind?

Try to Doodle & Pray.

I don't know about you, but doodling helps me pay attention longer! It adds a little creativity and fun to learning and prayer.

Suggested Supplies: Notebook, markers, colored pencils, black ink pen, colored pens

How to Doodle & Pray:

  1. How do I know what to Pray about? Is something weighing on your heart? Start There!

  2. To get started put a piece of washi tape or draw a board to make a border for your doodle space. (I usually put the top edge of my boarder on the first line.)

  3. Choose a word, a shape, or a simple theme to doodle. Pinterest has lots of great ideas.

  4. While you doodle begin talking to God about what's on your heart.

  5. REALLY IMPORTANT: Look up & Write down scriptures that come to mind. Example: To find scripture Google: Scripture on Anxiety

  6. Ideas for What to Write down:

  • Fears, Anxiety, Worry, Hurts, Things You're Wrestling With...

  • Things God Puts On Your Heart

  • Thoughts that Come to Mind

  • Questions

  • Plans of action

KEY POINT: Whatever you surrender to God stays with Him. Replace it with the scripture you found to speak truth about the topic.

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