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Customize Your Own Bag Tag: Simple & Fun

Bag tags are a great way to carry a reminder of your faith with you. Hook them on your backpack, sports bags, purse, or whereever.

Write a word like Jesus or Faith. Your Favorite Bible Verse. Or anything else that will keep your focus on God and remind you who you are in Christ.

What You Need:

  1. Pens, Markers, Twistables

  2. Luggage Tags: I ordered Mifflin Luggage Tags (Variety Pack 50)

Get Started:

  1. Pull the plastice cover and paper out of the tag.

  2. Flip the paper to the blank side.

Helpful Hint: Only a portion of the paper shows up in the window. I placed Avery 6871 Lables in the center of the paper and told students the label is all that will show on the tag.




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