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Mod podge Journal to Fit Your Style

How To Personalize A Notebook Cover

Create your own journal cover in a few easy steps.


Composition Notebook

Craft Glue

Mod Podge

Small paint brush


Scrapbook Paper

Stickers (Optional)

Washi Tape or other embellishments

Step 1: Choose Papers & Cut them to create a design that fits on the notebook.

Your paper can span the entire notebook like in picture 3, 5 & 6. Or you can cut smaller shapes and piece them together to make a design.

Tip: Wrapping the paper around the edge can give it a more finished look. Otherwise trim paper to match with the edges of the notebook.

Step 2: With a paint brush, spread a thin layer of craft glue on the back side of the papers to stick them to the notebook cover.

Tip: To smoothe and get rid of the bubbles you can use a small rolling pin or plastic pan scraper rub over the the top of the paper. Add extra glue to edges that didn't stick down.

Step 3: Add washi tape, stickers, or other embelishments to finish the look.

In this step you can add a coordinating paper square on top with your name or a phrase. Pictures 3-5 show different ways to do this.

You can also add washi tape at seams to add color and pattern as shown in pictures 1,4,&6.

Step 4: Using a paint brush, spread a thin layer of mod podge over your finished design.

Tip: Do not rub the paper after you put mod podge on it because the paper will be likely to rip. Photo 6 shows what happens if you try to rub out bubbles. I put a cross over the damage.

Step 5: Allow the notebook to dry for a few hours. Then decide it you need to add another layer of mod podge or if it is finished.

Suggested Uses:

Your new journal can be used for:

  • A Prayer Journal

  • To Take Notes for Bible Study

  • Sketch Book

  • Gratitude Journal


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