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God is Good & He Does Good


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Do you believe that God is good? That what He does is good.

People point to evil in the world to make you doubt God’s goodness. The truth is that free will allows evil to exist in this world. Creation was good until sin entered.

Disease. Murder. Hatred. Jealousy. Lies. Are not inspired by God. They exist because we have the choice to do things our own way. Instead of following the good things that God teaches us.

Fight evil by doing what is good


God. There are times when I don't understand what you're doing, and I question if you are good. Increase my faith, so I believe that whatever you do is good. Help me to recognize the ways the enemy plays on my emotions and whispers that you aren't good. Teach me to be like you. I want to be be good and do good in this world. You're an amazing God. I love you so much. In Jesus Name, Amen.


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