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Are Your Weekends Filled With Light?


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Are your weekends filled with light? Or are you stripping off the truth and heading into darkness?

Some try to live double lives. Good girl by day. Rebel by night.

You must clothe yourself with righteousness to walk with Christ. But those clothes don’t fit in when you head off into the darkness. So you leave them behind.

The problem is this allows the enemy to strip you of the freedom that comes with the truth.

Leaving you in bondage to sin that once seemed so fun, but ultimately caused your heart to be crushed.



God. Show me how the the darkness and sin cause me hurt. Give me eyes to see the bondage and chaos that comes with walking away from your truth. Put the desire for righteosness in my heart. And help me to want to obey you. Thanks for loving me. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


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