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Connect to God Through Worship Music


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Bring It Into Play

Worship Music. An opportunity to let the Holy Spirit lead you into communication with God.

For me worshipping in my kitchen with headphones and a journal, can be as powerful as worshipping together with other believers.

Both have an important place in my journey.

The power comes through the connection. I offer my heart and allow the Spirit to lead.

For years I asked the Spirit to open my heart to fully love and know God. To help me hear His voice and discern His will. And to help me feel the Father’s love for me.

Today I pray that you will take a few moments to listen to Michael Ketterer’s song “Spirt Lead Me.”

That as you sing along, you will mean it.

Each day begin with the simple phrase...Spirit lead me.💡✝️💕



Hey God. Honestly I don't understand the Holy Spirit. You and Jesus are much easier to understand. I know that He is an imporant part of growing in my faith. Will you show me how to connect with Him? Allow me to feel His presence, so I can deepen my worship through Him. Thanks for always being there. For showing me how to grow in faith. I love you. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


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