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Let God Have the Broken Pieces


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Bring It Into Play

Has your heart been shattered in a million pieces?

Let God have it all. Invite His light in to shine through the brokenness. Then ask Him to show you how to heal. To make you more powerful because you made it through.

...Give it time. You will be transformed in ways you won’t be able to see at first.

Just keep going. Because soon you will see the beautiful ways you have been restored.



Lord. My heart has been broken. I have built up walls to protect myself. Help me to take down the walls. To let you heal the broken places. Give me the wisdom to only share my heart with those you want me to share my heart. Because then I can trust you to protect me and help me through, when I get hurt again. Give me the confidence to know that whatever comes. You are there. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


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