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How's Your Prayer Life?


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Bring It Into Play

Prayer. The key to keeping life in balance.

Try out different places to find your prayer spot. While you can pray anywhere, it is good to find a special spot where you can relax and find connection with God.

Having a spot becomes your place of refuge and comfort, when life falls apart. Or gets stressful.

Add in other things that help your mind relax. Music. Drawing. A Devo. Journaling.



Heavenly Father. I want to connect with you. To know you. I invite your Holy Spirit into my life, so He can lead me towards you. I want to carve out time and space to spend with you each day. Show me how to do that. Help me make a powerful connection with you when I do. Can you show me how to connect to your heart? To feel your presence and your peace. I know I need it. Thank you for the way you make my life better. I love you. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


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