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God Created the Heavens and the Earth


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God is our Creator. This is the foundation of faith.

As a follower of Christ the world doesn’t make sense without God as our creator.

You don’t have to completely understand it to believe it. We were created through intelligent design...God!

Look around the room you’re sitting in. All of the things were created by people and the machines people created.

So why wouldn’t it make sense that the Earth and people in it were made by God?

And if things just happened out of a bang or evolved from a cell, then why doesn’t that still happen?

Action Step:

The Holy Spirit is the one that can open your eyes and heart to see and understand the world with God as our creator. Ask Him to help you believe. To help you understand.



God. Wrap my mind around the thought that you are the creator. Then plant that truth in my heart. Seperate light from dark in my life. Help me to see the goodness of your creation and the way that evil is trying to rule over it. Help me to have a solid idenitity in Jesus. And then to live out my faith to help people in this broken world. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


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