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Love God

Light Strand Journal Devo:

Spend a few minutes in the Light through this Devo.

Before you start, ask the Holy Spirit to come in and fill the time with light. Express to Jesus what you need today during your time with Him.

Do you like to doodle, letter, or write notes while to spend time with God?


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Bring It Into Play

How can you love God when you can’t see Him?

The Holy Spirit. Ask Him to see God’s presence in everyday life. To open your heart to feel and receive His love. Share your desire to love God back.

Talk to God throughout your day. Tell Him you love Him too.

Look into Scripture to understand who God is. Spend time with other people who love Him. In time, love will bloom. Loving God makes life better.

Action Step:

Make your own journal page. Draw. Cut Out shapes. Write Out Scripture. Use Pictures of the People you love. Create a collage of the different parts of your love for God.

Then spend time in prayer asking God to open your heart. TO help you connect your heart to the Father's heart.



Hey God. Open up a deep and loving relationship between us. Let my love for others flow through my relationship with you. I know that your love is perfect and it never fails. Show me how to love my friends and family like that. Allow me to see the ways you have put love in my life. Given me beautiful gifts. And brought me through things I otherwise wouldn't survive. I want me love for you to grow and bloom. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


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