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Facing Conviction, Understanding God's Grace

Light Strand Journal Devo:

Spend a few minutes in the Light through this Devo.

Before you start, ask the Holy Spirit to come in and fill the time with light. Express to Jesus what you need today during your time with Him.

Do you like to doodle, letter, or write notes while to spend time with God?


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Bring It Into Play

Conviction...Only happens when you choose Christ as your Savior. And put God’s word in authority over your life.

The Holy Spirit living in you. Makes you feel guilty when you lie, sneak around, or act unkind. For most, the natural response is to ignore or resist conviction. For those who are Brave enough to face it...You will understand the depth of God’s Grace. That He loves you in spite of your sin.

He will be able to free you up from sin that is harming you. Helping you to step farther into the light. Away from darkness.



Hey God. Conviction. I admit. I don't like it because it doesn't feel good to be told that I did the wrong thing. Can you show me how facing conviction helps me to become stronger and better? The ways it helps me to know you better. I want to trust that you love me even though you see my flaws. It's kinda hard to believe. Thanks for being a loving daddy. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


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