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Love With Action & Truth

Light Strand Journal Devo:

Spend a few minutes in the Light through this Devo.

Before you start, ask the Holy Spirit to come in and fill the time with light. Express to Jesus what you need today during your time with Him.

Do you like to doodle, letter, or write notes while to spend time with God?



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Bring It Into Play

Do your actions match up with who you say you are when you have a conflict?

At times, you may disagree or get angry with someone.

Do your actions show love while you share truth?

Or do you become hurtful. Spewing to others to build your case and get them on your side?

Action Step What should Believers do when they get angry or upset.

  1. Step away. Pray and calm down. Ask the Holy Spirit to consume you and fill you with love. To keep you from being mean.

  2. Take time to regain your peace. (Could be a few days.)

  3. Wait until God provides a good time to talk with the person. Be ready to apologize for the things you were at fault for. ...Hopefully the other person takes ownership of their part too. But if they don’t, take it up with God instead of arguing again.



Hey God. I try to honor you when things are going well. But as soon as I get angry I have a hard time showing love. My words or thoughts run away. I want to grow in this area. Learn to step away and talk to you about how I feel rather than venting. Please teach me how to do that. You're an amazing teacher. Thank you for helping me grow and do better. I love you. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.


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