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Discover Who You Are One Step At A Time!

Light Strand Journal Devo:

Spend a few minutes in the Light through this Devo.

Before you start, ask the Holy Spirit to come in and fill the time with light. Express to Jesus what you need today during your time with Him.

Do you like to doodle, letter, or write notes while to spend time with God?


Mindset Link


Bring It Into Play

It takes time to understand your hopes, dreams, & aspirations. To uncover why you interact with the world the way you do.

Are you allowing other people to define how you see yourself?

This leads to false perceptions of who you are.

God, your creator, can provide clarity. Spend time with him reflecting, praying, and setting goals to move forward.

Action Step

Need help getting started?

Print 2018 At A Glance! Add them to the reflection section of your journal!



God. Help me to trust you. As I look at the things that took place last year. I trust that you can do amazing things through the hard times. I want to praise you for the amazing moments. Prepare my heart for what is ahead this next year. You already know what is going to happen. That is hard to understand. But I trust you. Thanks for being there. I love you. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


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