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Ask, Seek, Knock and the Door Will Be Opened


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Even as a child, I expected God to make His presence known.

I wasn’t the most faithful of followers, but I knew if I needed Him that He would come. Not expecting Him to be a genie that would zap unfortunate circumstances. But rather, a comforter and protector that would get me through.

That asking, seeking, and knocking brought me to the place where He revealed His deep love for me.

The power of it brought me to my knees. It changed my life.

Action Step:

Did you know that you can ask the Holy Spirit to fill you up? For God to increase inside of you, helping you to see Him and understand Him better.

Keep asking, seeking, and knocking. Go after that deeper relationship. He will be faithful to open the door and let you into His light!



Lord. Fill me with your Holy Spirit. Increase within me. Help me to see your presence in my life. To understand you better. I want a deep relationship with you. One that changes me into the person you created me to be. Strip off the things that are holding me back. Fill me with more of you. Holy Spirit consume me. In Jesus' powerful name, Amen.


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