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God Moments & Good Moments Printable for Your Light Strand or Bullet Journal

The Light Strand Journal is a cool and creative way to spend time with God. You can also log your goals, daily activities, and thoughts.

One way to develop a deeper relationship with God is to start recognizing Him in your daily life. You can use the weekly log to make note of little moments that drew your attention to God. Or good moments that you can thank Him for.

The combination of awe and praise can:

  • Keep you from sinking into a negative slump.

  • Offer a reminder of the good times, when life gets hard.

  • Remind you that each day has good moments no matter how bad it seemed.


Use the printable to save time. Or you can design your own.

Additional Things to add to this tracker:

  • Box for To Do's

  • Track Daily Chores

  • Weekly Notes

  • Hours of Sleep

  • Doodles

  • Favorite Quote


Where Do I Put It?

The personal reflection section is recommended. This is the same place you would include mood trackers, color and pray, and any other personal information.

But each Light Strand Journal will be different. So put it in the place that works for you.


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