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Light Strand Journal: 2018 At A Glance Printable

Discover You Are One Step at A Time

It takes time to understand your hope, dreams, & aspirations. To uncover why you react to the world the way you do.

God, your creator, can provide clarity. Spend time with Him reflecting, praying, and setting goals to continue moving forward.

The Holy Spirit has a way of helping you learn more about who you are and what you want. He sheds light on your weaknesses to help you understand that they are your greatest opportunity to see God at work in your life.

Start a Light Strand Journal. It is a quick and creative way to learn about yourself by spending time with God.

Already have a bullet journal? Add these pages to it!


Use the 2018 At A Glance printable or draw it yourself!


Big events, lessons you learned, mistakes you made, anything significant about the year.

Rate Your Year:

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate it and why?

Is there a phrase or word that can sum it up?

Prayers of Praise & Preparation

This space reminds you to take time to pray through the good and bad times in the highlights.

Thank God for the good. Ask Him to help you move forward. To prepare your heart for what is ahead. And to shed light in situations that you don't understand.


2019 brings new opportunity for God to work in your life.

Is there a verse you would like to memorize or you feel sums up how God is moving in your life?

Choose a suggested verse. Or find your own.

Then print the Life Verse printable or draw your own picture to represent the verse.

Display the verse on your phone, in the corner of your mirror, anywhere you will see it everyday.

Use your Life Verse to keep you focused on Jesus and anchored in the truth. Look for the verse. You may be surprised how it shows us just when you need to hear it.


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