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3 Steps to Finding Peace in 2019


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2019. Are stress and conflict sucking the peace out of your life?

Peace doesn’t just happen. It comes through your responses and connection with the Holy Spirit.

  1. When a stressful situation arises. Instead of running your mouth, go pray. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you calm down and regain your peace.

  2. The way you treat people matters. If you are only kind to certain people, you will have a lot of conflict in your life. Being kind means you have done your part to keep peace.

  3. People have bad moments. Showing grace and forgiveness restores your peace.

Refusing to forgive, robs you of your peace and makes you bitter.

✨✨Your actions are the key to experiencing peace in 2019.



Hey God. I know stress is part of life. That conflict will happen. Fill me with your grace so that I can be quick to forgive. Rather than holding a grudge. Bring peace into my life as I live the way you ask me to. When something tries to steal my peace. Remind me to bring it to you. I love you. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


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