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Truth About Sin


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Sin. Most people hate that word. It’s not my favorite either.

Here is the truth about sin, and why you need to get rid of it....It is darkness living inside you.

Darkness hurts you.

At the extreme, darkness causes murder, sex trafficking, all forms of get the idea.

But even in the less extreme, darkness is the thing that causes pain and mess. Sin hurts you. The crazy part is it usually starts off small and exciting. As it grows, sin takes over and gets out of control.

The good news is that Jesus can help you get the pain of sin out of your life. Bring it to Him. He can handle it. Then day by day let Him heal you and free you from the darkness within.

The more darkness you have inside, the more pain and bondage you face. Freedom comes from the light. Choose light. Allow the Holy Spirit to reveal sin and Jesus to free you up from it.



God. I understand that you don't want me to do things that you say are sinful. Give me eyes to see why you ask me to stay away from certain things. Some don't seem like that big of a deal. So let me see it how you see it. Darkness is tricky. Please don't let me be tricked into doing things that hurt me or will cause me pain later. I want freedom in Christ. I choose light. In Jesus Name, Amen.


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