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Mean Girls: Use Your Shield of Faith to Protect Your Heart


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That Girl. The one that makes your stomach turn.

She says harsh things about you. Other people laugh with her. You try not to care. Her comments run through your mind. You add to them. Hating yourself for not being good enough. ...In reality, you just took on that girl’s heart issue. The overflow of her heart came out of her mouth and onto you. You agreed with it. Now you have it.

It spreads like a virus, unless you put up your Shield of faith to block it. Meaning...God designed you the way you are. What gives anyone the right to criticize God’s creation?

So the next time someone is unkind to you, realize that it reflects the junk going on inside of them. Don’t let it infect you!

Put up your Shield and ask the Holy Spirit to help you keep it off.



Hey God. I know that you love the girl who hurts my feelings. Please don't let me grow bitter or hate her. Protect my heart against the hurtful things she says. I pray that your Holy Spirit creates a barrier to keep the harsh things she says off of me. Give me the strength to pray for her and to see her as you see her. I know that will bring you glory. You are an amazing God. Thank you for protecting me and loving me so much. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


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