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Crappy Christmas Party 2018


2018 Crappy Christmas has become a Chicks Ministry tradition. This was our 3rd year.

Leader Kara Curry had the inspiration to "bless" the girls with funny gifts back in 2016. The gifts range from cute things like snow globes to old diapers filled with mushed up canned peas.

The girls never know what they will get.

You might like your gift, but probably not.

Last year we added the homemade t-shirts. This year girls were able to put their name in a basket for a chance to win.

The shirts either have fun pictures or funny sayings.

2018 Shirt sayings:

- Silent Night, Seriously Be Silent

- I Am Only A Morning Person On Christmas

- Fleece Navidad

We laughed, ate snacks, opened gifts, and ended with prayer together as Sisters-in-Christ!


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