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Living On the Edge: Seems Fun Until You Fall


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Bring It Into Play

Secrets. Lies. Risky Behavior.

The experience is eye opening. And exhilarating.

But the feeling doesn’t last. So you have to take it a little farther each time.

Until the crash is more painful than the excitement.

All at once you lose yourself. The scars, physical or emotional, leave you unable to connect with people.

You hurt everyone you care about.

THE SECRET: The edge appears exciting...until you fall over. The enemy (Satan) lures you out there. Trying to destroy you.

Be Careful: Living on the Edge leads to falling. It can be a long way down.



Heavenly Father. Why do I feel so drawn to do things I shouldn't? I know that it doesn't honor you, when I want to do those things. I don't know how to stop. Being rebellious makes me feel powerful. I need to find ways to feel powerful, while staying in the light. Show me that your ways are more powerful than the ways of the world. Thank you for caring and being patient with me. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


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