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Just Because He Likes You Doesn't Mean He's Meant To Be Your Boyfriend


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Bring It Into Play

Handsome. Interested in you. Fun to be around. That’s how most girls pick their boyfriends.

Followers of Christ are called to protect their hearts. To ask God to help guide their path to relationships.

Opening your heart to love someone is a big deal. Do you really want to risk damaging your heart just because someone is cute?

What if that decision affects the way you love your future husband? The way your family takes shape.

Society says you should date a lot and have sexual experiences before you get married.

Do you really think your husband wants another guy to teach you how to do sexual things? Do you want another girl to teach your husband all about sex? Or do you want to keep that as something special you learn together?

Then don’t listen to the way people tell you to date. If you’ve crossed the line, don’t keep doing it.

Action Step

God has the your perfect match picked out. Take time to dream about your marriage. Then pray.

Ask God to help you make decisions that will lead you to the man meant for you.

Keep in mind. If God is picking, your spouse will believe in Jesus (equally yoked).

So if the guy doesn’t believe in Jesus, he isn’t meant for you. The one for you is out there.



Father, I admit that it is hard to see things your way. I watch all my friends and the people around me date anyone they want. Part of me wants that. But I know that your plans for my future are amazing. I want that too. Make my heart desire your will. Your plans. Let me see how you ways are so much better than the world's. I trust you to pick my husband. To lead me to him. In Your Son's Name I Pray, Amen.


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