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Struggling? Instead of Doing Something Destructive... Pray!


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Struggling? Often we turn to destructive behavior, when the pain runs deep.

You might feel better in the moment. But really it just adds to the pain in the long run.

Next time you feel the pull to use your destructive behavior. Stop. Pray instead.

Lay out what has you so upset. Ask the Holy Spirit to get you through the moment. To help you breath and calm down.

Then ask for help to stop the cycle that keeps hurting you over and over. Ask God to take it and help you change.

The trust Him to help you through each time you struggle.



God. I know that I need to trust you. When things get hard, I don't know how to believe that you are going to do something. I can't see you. Please increase my faith. Remind me to pray. Help me to see the ways I am hurting myself. Then give me the strength to stop doing that. Thanks for being there. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


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