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Winter Mood Tracker for the Light Strand Journal

Printable Copy is in Gray Scale!


Why Use a Mood Tracker?

All of us are bound to walk through dark emotions at different times each month. Sometimes depression hits me unexpectedly. Many times I don't recognize it until I am deep in the darkness. Then it is a long journey out.

What is your dark mood? Maybe you have several things you struggle with at different times.

Use a mood tracker to recognize and fight against dark moods.

  • On the back make notes about what is causing your dark moods.

  • Are there certain trigger activities or patterns that cause dark moods.

  • Do they happen during certain times of the month.

Bust Up That Darkness With PRAYER!

  • Invite the Holy Spirit into Your Dark Emotions.

  • Visualize Light in your mind.

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to Reveal harmful sin like Cutting, Substance Abuse, or anything else you use to numb your hurt

  • Ask for help to stop.

  • Ask Jesus to lead you out of the darkness. To help you stay in the Light.


Not Sure How to Use a Mood Tracker


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