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Bring It Into Play

Ever since I was a little girl I expected God to interact with me. I guess I thought everyone did.

Throughout my life I could see His invisible hands working in my life, helping me, shaping me into the person I am.

Yesterday as I left the radio station interview the phrase “It is Well,” came through my speakers in a song.

That phrase continually shows up in my life in different ways. It reassures me I am in line with God’s will. That He is right there with me. That I am never alone.

Believing those things brings me explainable peace.

You can experience God’s presence and peace too.

Action Step

In the morning invite Him into your day.

Find a time each day to pray, study, and listen for God's voice. Start by taking 15 minutes.

Then Look for Him throughout your day. He is all around you!



God. I want to see you in my day. I want to know that you are there. Open my eyes to the ways that spending time with you can make life better. Through your Holy Spirit, give me a deep desire to read your word and pray. Open my ears, so I can be amazed at how clearly you speak to me. I want to see you. To know you. It's in your Son's name I pray, Amen.


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